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A Different Experience

In just 2 months the corona virus has managed to dramatically alter air travel. It has become so different that anyone traveling now would feel like it is a totally new experience. Keeping up to date with all the changes is also difficult since airlines are instigating new rules on an almost daily basis.

As demand dropped to a fraction of it was just a year ago, airlines cancelled 70 to 90% of their flights. This left some of the remaining flights at or near capacity. Since it’s not possible to practice social distancing on a full flight, many airlines have now capped the number of seats they will sell, usually around 60%. This leaves many open seats but there is still no guarantee the seat next to you will be empty.

To try to minimize person to person contact, airlines are asking passengers to check in online or use the automated kiosks. Once at the gate they are asking passengers to stay separated by at least 6 feet, even during boarding. Some airlines even have distance markers in the jetway to let you know how far apart you should stand.

The most important thing to do right now is to check your airline’s website. Most airlines have a specific Covid-19 link on their homepage that will give you the most up to date preparations and rule changes. As mentioned, these rules are changing so quickly that either the night before your flight or even the same day.

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor

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