My name is Jay and I have been flying since 3 months old. I have racked up more than 4 million miles since then and have spent the past 10 years as a Flight Attendant at one of the legacy carriers. I am the proud parent of 3 beautiful girls. Together with my wife we have taken them around the world.

We absolutely love flying. The whole experience of packing, waking up early to get to the airport, going through security, and waiting by the gate is just as exciting as boarding the plane, watching movies, and waiting for the drink service. For us, flying is an enjoyable part of our travel experience, not something we have to endure just to get to our destination.

The Flight Advisor is my personal passion dedicated to helping other travelers better understand the flying experience. From extra fees to FAA required rules, many people don’t know how the modern aviation industry works. This lack of information can lead those passengers to have a negative experience.

The Flight Advisor servers as an ongoing guide for anyone wishing to improve their flying experience. Everyone is welcome to comment and add their own experiences. Reader submitted articles are also greatly appreciated.

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