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Airlines have Started to Make Mask Wearing Mandatory

In the past 2 weeks there have been several reports of passengers being removed from flights and banned from flying on those airlines. As I mentioned last month, airlines had already begun to ask passengers to wear masks. Until recently, enforcement had been spotty and many passengers were able to fly without masks.

So what changed? New guidelines from the CDC recommending everyone wear a face mask, as well as new studies that suggest wearing a mask can reduce the spread of Covid-19 by as much as 75%. In addition to these, passengers want to feel safe on an airplane and having everyone wear masks (and keeping social distancing) is helping to do this.

Some people are very adamant about not wearing a mask and insist that the airlines have to right to require anyone to wear one. If this is you, I want to remind you about the contract of carriage (often called the “fine print”). When you purchase a ticket on an airline you are agreeing to fly under their rules and restrictions. Now that mask wearing is a mandatory airline rule, they have every right to remove any passengers who refuse to follow their rules.

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor