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Be Prepared for no Drink Service

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Most airlines provide some type of beverage and snack service (not always complementary though). Because of this, many passengers come to the airport unprepared for a flight without a drink service. But why wouldn’t there be a service on your flight?

Turbulence is probably the biggest reason. Most airlines have strict guidelines to protect their inflight crews from getting injured. These include remaining seated during turbulence. Although it is not common, sometimes turbulence lasts all day at all altitudes. When this happens there will be no inflight service.

A good practice to get into is to bring an empty water bottle. Empty bottles can be taken through the TSA security checkpoint and filled up once you are inside the terminal. Most airport water fountains are designed to fill up water bottles. Another thing you can do is bring your own snacks. Pretty much any foods that are not liquid can be taken through the security checkpoint. Protein and granola bars, nuts, and fruit make great inflight snacks. Just be sure to bring enough for your whole party.

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor