Losing our Luggage

One of the things I advise people traveling with children to do is check their luggage. Yes, luggage fees are each way and can quickly add up and become cost prohibitive but there are a few ways to avoid these fees such as getting the airline's credit card (usually…


Traveling to Disney World

This story isn't exactly air travel related, except for the fact that Florida governor Ron DeSantis is asking for tourists to please start flying back to Florida for their vacations. Seeing as the theme parks are nearly empty, this might be the best time to go. Remember that if…

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Just a friendly robot in the Incheon Airport.

Taking our 5 month old to Vietnam

Just over a year ago, in March of 2019, we decided to go to Vietnam for spring break. We have 3 children, then aged 8 years old, 4 years old, and 5 months old. The two older ones had both traveled internationally from 6 months old so my wife…