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Connecting Gates

How do you find the gate your flight is leaving from? How do you find your connecting gate? First you need to know your departing flight (both airline name and flight number) and if you are making a connection you will need the same information for your next flight.

Next you should check with either your airline’s website or app. I highly recommend downloading any airline app as they are often easier to use than mobile websites. This is where many travelers start to have problems. Everyone wants to be as prepared as possible for their trip but sometimes the airlines don’t publish their gate information until just before their flight departs.

If you can’t find any gate information you can at least find what gates your airline operate out of. Search for the official website of the airport you will be using and they should have a map detailing which gates each airline uses. This lets you narrow down the area you should be heading toward and lets you know which terminal and security checkpoint you should use.

Of course all airports still use the tried and true method of information boards. Every airport is going to post up to the minute gate information on large flat screen displays. These displays can be found throughout the airport before and after the security checkpoint. If you are still having problems finding your flight just as any agent and they will be happy to help you.

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