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Do I need travel insurance?

There has been a great increase in travel in 2021 compared to last year. Many are excited to
resume traveling after a year and a half of not doing so. Because of the pandemic, we all know
that rules and travel regulations can change our plans from one day to the next. This is when
travel insurance comes to the picture. Travel insurance could save you time, money and cover
circumstances when traveling such as: trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical
expenses and even issues with baggage.

Here are some tips to choose a travel insurance policy:

Research the destination
What country will you go to?
What are the COVID-19 restrictions at the moment?
What activities and/or places will you go?
How long will you stay in the country?
Where are you staying?
Any hospitals close by?
These are some of the questions that can help you to look for coverage that includes medical
emergencies and even evacuation. In addition, you could check if the travel insurance policy
includes car rental insurance.

Traveling solo or with a group?
This could save you money when buying travel insurance because if you’re going with a group
then the entire group could purchase a group policy and prices may be lower than an individual
policy. The same goes if it’s a family and kids, insurance companies may have special policies.

Read what it covers before enrolling into a policy
Make sure that what you’re being offered is what you’ll need. Some basic plans could cover
medical insurance and qualifying trip cancelations but nothing else most of the time. This could
mean you may need a more extensive plan.

Compare before you buy
Always compare pricing of multiple plans and what they offer, shop around! This can save you
money and you may find better coverage at less cost.

For more information and alternatives, check out this resource that provides insights into the
best travel insurance so you compare based on your budget and travel needs.

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