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If you want to track a flight, see where the plane is at this moment, you have lots of options available. The 3 most common flight tracking sites are,, and .

Each of these sites offer similar services. You can look for a specific flight by airline name and flight number or you can search by route. They can tell you what gate the plane is leaving from and the arrival gate. These sites also let you know about airport delays and you can use them to find out where your plane is coming from (to make sure it is on time).

All of these services are also offered by the airlines. You can use each airline’s website or app to track your flight. Some apps, such as Delta Air Lines’ Fly Delta App, even let you know what amenities are available and give you access to on time performance data.

Some people have asked if it is possible to track a flight by passenger name. For security reasons no airline will release any passenger names to the public. You cannot find out what passengers are on what flights. If you are trying to track a family member or friend, make sure you have their flight information beforehand.

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor