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How to check for weather delays

Worried about your flight being delayed or canceled? Here are a few ways to see if you are going to be affected by the weather. 

First and foremost download your airline’s app and go to their website. Airlines try to give passengers as much notice as possible before travel disruptions. Most airlines will publish airport delays on their website and you can use either ttheir website or app to find out about your specific flight.

Another great resource is the FAA itself. will take you to a map of the USA showing which major airports are experiencing delays. Select the airport and you can find out about the length and reasons for the delay.

If your airport is not big enough to be listed on the FAA website, many of the flight tracking sites (such as flightaware) show airport delays on their main page. Some sites also show how long average delays are. Remember that this is just an average and that not all flights might be affected. 

Some useful weather apps are Myradar and Weatherbug. Along with showing you precipitation intensity Myradar displays airport delays. Weatherbug gives lightning strike information which often means an airport is closed if it is within a few miles.

Lastly almost all airports have their own governing body and official website. Check with your airport’s website to see if everything is running on time. 

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