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Masks Are Now Required

With air travel down around 95% year on year, airlines are doing everything they can to encourage people to fly again. One of the biggest problems is how to get consumers confident in the safety of air travel.

Airlines have made many changes just to address this. Planes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between flights. Seating is limited (usually to around 60% capacity) to encourage social distancing. Flight attendants no longer perform a drink service on domestic flights in order to avoid points of contact. Most airlines are giving out questionnaires about passenger health and travel history to ensure they are not sick. Some airlines are even taking passenger temperatures and denying boarding to anyone with a fever.

Passengers are also being asked to do their part. Most airlines are now requiring passengers to wear masks. Rules vary from airline to airline but in most cases you are going to need a mask to be allowed on an aircraft. Some airlines are even going to ask you to wear the mask in the gate area during boarding and for the duration of your flight. Check your airline’s website for their specific rules regarding their covid-19 travel requirements.

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