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New Book: A Kid’s Guide to Flying

This summer could end up being one of the busiest travel periods since the global coronavirus pandemic began. The vaccine rollout is going as planned and infections and hospitalizations seem to be on the decline. Everyone is excited at the idea of hopping on a plane again. 

Even the airlines are busy adding routes and recalling staff in anticipation of a summer surge in air travel. But are you and your kids ready? When was the last time you stepped foot on a plane? Do you know what has changed? 

A Kid’s Guide to Flying is my newest book to help parents prepare their children to fly again. It’s not a story book, but a guide that takes them through the entire flight process and what they will experience along the way. This book is perfect for first time flyers as well as a refresher for anyone who hasn’t flown in a while. Get your kids ready for their next flight.

A Kid’s Guide to Flying is available now on Amazon

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor

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