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Schedule Changes

There is nothing worse than showing up at the airport just to discover your scheduled flight time has changed. Some people make their travel plans months in advance and depend on the airlines to run on time. Of course weather can cause delays but from time to time the airlines need to adjust their schedules and this can happen even after tickets have been sold.

There are many different reasons why an airline might need to reschedule a flight. Most of the time it has to do with positioning of their aircraft or flight crews. Sometimes flight times are revised to allow more time for connections. Occasionally changes are made due to aircraft availability. Regardless of the reason it is important to understand that airlines can and do change their schedules after tickets have been sold.

Don’t get caught off guard with these changes. Whenever possible give your email address and phone number to the airline, especially at the time you purchase your tickets. Most airlines will text or email you as soon as changes to their schedule are made. If you find the schedule changes interfere with your travel plans (or don’t give you enough time to make a connection) contact your airline as soon as possible. Even if your tickets don’t allow you to make changes or require you to pay a penalty most airlines will waive the restrictions when they change their schedules. 

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Jay Muller

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