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The Flight Advisor’s Guide to Modern Air Travel

The Coronavirus has really put a damper on air travel. Demand over the past year dropped by around 65% compared to 2019. It was the worst drop in aviation history. The world quarantined, borders closed, and everyone stopped flying. 

Now we have vaccines that are showing great promise. Coronavirus protocols such as mask mandates are slowing the spread. A return to normal could be just around the corner.

What does the future of air travel hold? Little by little demand has crept up, especially over the holidays. People are itching to get out. Vacations are being planned. We all want to travel and reunite with the world again. As the coronavirus vaccination progresses, as infection rates drop, we may yet see a busy summer this year.

How different are things going to be on your next flight? How much has the airline industry changed? To help everyone jump back into flying, I have released a new and improved second edition of my best selling book, The Flight Advisor’s Guide to Modern Air Travel. 

All charts and fees have been updated, rule changes have been added, and an entirely new section dedicated to the coronavirus has been included. Just as before, this book is packed with practical information and advice for dealing with commercial air travel. If you are not familiar with flying, topics cover the entire experience and range from buying tickets and choosing seats, to hidden fees and what services you can expect. Simple, compact, direct, and easy to navigate, The Flight Advisor’s Guide to Modern Air Travel will help you make the most of your summer travel plans.

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor

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