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There will be Crying Babies on your Flight

Crying babies. One of the biggest challenges on any flight. It seems like there is at least one crying baby on every flight. So rest assured there will be one on yours, probably sitting right next to you.

For some travelers the sound of a baby crying can drive them crazy and ruin their travel experience. Maybe the flight and service was fantastic, but all they can remember, and all they tell their friends about, was the baby that cried the whole flight.

The solution is slightly expensive but so very worth it: over ear noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling works by using a built in microphone to measure the noise around you and then producing a sound negative to that. With a good noise cancelling headphone you won’t hear anything around you, including crying babies.

There are many different brands to choose from at many different prices. Find one that fits your budget and make sure if it is bluetooth that it also has a plug in chord in case your flight has in seat tvs. Also read some reviews as not all noise cancelling headphones can cancel out everything around you.

One more piece of advice, noise cancelling headphones work best when playing audio. So make sure you have music or movies downloaded to your phone or tablet as not all airplanes have built in tvs.

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