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Traveling With a Stroller

Traveling with children can present many different challenges. You’ll have to do some extra planning and one thing you will have to think about is bringing a stroller.

If you have just one child (and they can sit up by themselves) an umbrella stroller will be easiest to travel with. They take up the least space and are easy to set up and collapse. Large strollers will be a bit more difficult to maneuver around a crowded airport but regardless of size, strollers usually don’t count against your luggage allowance.

Buy some optional J hooks and you’ll be able to carry small bags on your stroller as well. You should check any roller board suitcases as you are going to need your hands free to push the stroller. Pushing a stroller with one hand and pulling a roller board suitcase with the other is possible, but it is so much easier to get around without the extra baggage.

You will need to remove your child from the stroller, collapse it, and place it on the conveyor belt for the x-ray machine to clear the TSA security checkpoint. Before boarding the aircraft you will again need to remove your child and collapse the stroller. Usually strollers are “gate checked” and given up just before you get on the plane. This means they will be put in the cargo hold and brought back up when you reach your destination. A stroller cover is useful as many cargo areas are quite dirty.

Be sure to give yourselves plenty of time to make connections. At many airports you will need to change terminals and that may require the use of an elevator. During busy travel times this can add an extra 15 minutes as some elevators can only handle 1 stroller at a time.

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor