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Weather and ticket change fees

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Now that we have a hurricane bearing down on Florida, what happens if you need to change your ticket date?

Most cheap tickets are heavily restricted and come with various fees for things such as changing your flight (even to a different flight on the same day). Some Basic Economy tickets don’t allow you to change your tickets at all, not even for a fee.

Airlines are usually very proactive when it comes to predicted weather events such as hurricanes and blizzards. Because these events are known about in advance the airlines can plan for them. The airlines do not want to have aircraft and personnel in the path of a storm so they will often reduce or cancel flights in the affected areas, often many days in advance. 

During these times airlines will usually allow passengers to make a one time change to their itinerary free of charge, even if the ticket class does not allow for any changes to be made. Many airlines will advertise the chance to change your ticket on their website or, if you provided them with an email address or phone number, will send you a notification. 

Of course this all depends on you taking the time to check both the weather and your flight status (although sometimes airports themselves close outside of the control of any airline). Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and be ready to cut your vacation short should the need arise. 

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Jay Muller

Author of The Flight Advisor